> Liverpool beat Manchester City to sign ar-old genius PK gunman took Chelsea demon front “Mirror” screenshot

Beijing April he British media, “Mirror” message, the Premier League giants Liverpool beat Manchester City to sign England native genius upstart Dan – Smith. According to reports, Smith, ars old, midfielder, ar-old will join the Crewe youth academy, has played so far, is the same age in England the best players, Manchester City last month was close to signing him, but ultimately fell short of success, is Liverpool ahead, it is reported the Reds to sign Dan – Smith, to his mother club Crewe paid up to

Exposure wear handsome salary 4.5 million contract two years to bring the core to ride Malaga Manchester City “Post” screenshot

club Manchester City has not officially announced the new term coach, but there are indications that this post has been none other than the non-Pellegrini. Latest news British “Daily Mail” release even said Pellegrini has signed a two-year contract with Manchester City, compared with

Premiership usher in the “devil race” Reds Liverpool have courage Evening News reporter Yu Jiong two teams reported

just after Christmas, New Year holidays also came. Continental European countries at the time of entering the offseason leagues, the Premier League continues to fans “warmth.”

And starting tonight, various clubs throughout the season will usher in the most intensive event “Christmas and New Year campaign.” Able to stand out in this period, essentially become the ultimate champion of the league’s most popular team.


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    especially just Liverpool will return to the championship in Beijing tomorrow morning, just away to Manchester City than curbing. This is undoubtedly the focus of attention.

    “Our goal is to become the Premier League in 20to a leader.” A month ago, Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini shouted such pronouncements. Now the “Blue Moon” from the position of head of the standings were also really only a stone’s throw, if we can benefit Liverpool in the round with home win, then they have the opportunity to climb to the top.

    Manchester rivals Liverpool is the most amazing performance of nearly four league teams, they not only four-game winning streak with a wave rushed standings first four games and scored a total of ld goals over a four incredible. Especially just to get a weekly

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